Your skin is like a tree, the way we give them nutrition will have a major impact on the overall health. As the largest organ, your skin is porous and absorbent. Schools of research shows that chemicals could be drawn into the skin flowing into the bloodstream and causing concerning long-term damage.  

More often than not, the soaps you pick out from the next-door pharmacies and supermarket will be commercially made and not natural. They are labelled as “soaps” but when you take a closer look, they are nothing more than a detergent dressed up in a pretty package. The artificial ingredients are petroleum-based and warp as they undergo chemical changes in factories.                                                           

                              A commercial soap tends to list “natural oils” in their label, but the truth is that these are not the pure oils that go in the making of handmade natural soaps. They are more or lesssoap stocks, a by-product which comes from the purification of raw vegetable oils. The soap stock is separated from the edible oil because they are considered a contaminant and is therefore unsafe. 

100% pure essential oil: containing antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and other healthy properties, pure essential oil cleans the skin while adding beneficial nutrients. 

Different kinds of Essential Oils

Don’t Do Detergent: there is a huge difference between your clothes and your body, why on earth that anyone chooses a soap containing detergent? Not only does the detergent soap masks odor more than clean, they often dehydrate and irritate the skin. 

No chemicals: Soaps generally contain triclosan, along with other numerous harmful ingredients – including paraben, petrochemical and sodium laureth sulphate). Triclosan doesn’t actually kill more germs than natural soap! It is also found that triclosan can disturb human hormones. 

Good pH levels: important for maintaining the skin’s natural barrier, the pH should be around 9-10 for our Origin Soap. That level is naturally alkaline, making our soap a gentler and being more effective cleanser. The inclusion of coconut oil in our soap moisturizes and nourishes to maintain the skin’s natural pH levels.    

Supporting the environment: our natural soaps help protect the environment by reducing chemical use. No chemical in our soaps means that no chemicals down the drain and into our water supply system.                 

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